Monday, July 23, 2012



Are you looking for a Legit and Easy money making job from home on a daily basis? Join my team today! Currently Available To People in USA, Canada & United Kingdom.

I stumbled on an amazing work from home business called Zip Nada Zilch, that unlike other any other company, pays daily, right into your PayPal account! No waiting for a check each week or month, it is deposited directly to your PayPal account daily! All you have to do is sign up for a few, no commitment trial offers that you can cancel at anytime before the trial period ends. It only cost me $16 to get started. Now all I do is refer other people to sign up and I get $95 per person sent directly to my PayPal account.
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 ZipNadaZilch, also known as ZNZ a legitimate company that offers payouts for every lead you bring in. How it works is that in order to start working for ZNZ you must first become a lead yourself. In other words, ZNZ has many offers from reputable companies like,, Equifax, etc. then you or I will need to sign up for one of these services so ZNZ can get paid their commission from that specific company. ZNZ then turns around and pays a commission to who ever brought into that lead. For example, I would be paid for anyone signing up through my link. Then once you start working, you would get paid for each referral you bring into ZNZ. 


 Here are step by step process:

 Step 1 click ZNZ One

The ZNZ One website looks like this. 
The first page you will select how you will be paid for each of your referrals. If have an option to use your Paypal, paid by check, etc. Select how you want to be paid.

After entering your email on that page, click sign up and enter your information.

  ZNZ is 100% FREE to join! 

 The next step requires you to complete 1.00 credit offer. The page is filled with offers that look like this!

The offers are free to low cost, you are required to keep the offer for a minimum number of days but you CAN cancel before the trial is up to avoid getting charged anything additional.

For each person that completes ZNZ One, YOU are paid $20. 

 Step 2 Click ZNZ BigCash

Just like Step 1 you must select HOW you want to be paid for EACH of your referrals!
After entering your email on that page, sign up and enter your information.. 

The next step requires you to complete 1.00 credit offer. 
The page is filled with a bigger selection of offers and because ZNZ BigCash pays more than ZNZ One the offers are worth less in credit value. The offer page will look like this.

TIP: If you do an offer and it says the "daily cap has been met" that simply means too many people have completed that offer today. You can choose a different offer, or try again after 12:00am CST when the offers refreshs. 

For each person that completes ZNZ BigCash, YOU are paid $75 

Let say, if someone completes ZNZ One you get $20 and completes ZNZ BigCash you get $75 
for a grand total of $95.

 Feel free to email me with any questions you might have, and share this with your friends and family. 

 Are you are still skeptic about it? That’s absolutely natural to feel that way, but the pictures below speak for themselves!! I was paid and the MONEY is in my PayPal Account!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are ecstatic and blessed to have reached another huge milestone of 5,000 fans on our Facebook page. We are truly thankful for ALL of our supporters.  We have blossomed incredibly and owe it to all of our customers, fans, and supporters.

In reaching this milestone, we are giving away a FREE custom diaper cake to one lucky fan. A winner will be chosen via

Free shipping to US residents only. Outside US, are responsible for shipping!

Good luck dolls ;-)

Here's how to enter:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Son's Angry Birds 3rd Birthday Celebration

Our son is an Angry Birds fanatic so we decided to have an Angry Birds theme celebration for his 3rd birthday. He LOVED it! 

We created the banner and candy bar wrappers.

Angry Birds Birthday Banner

Angry Birds Candy Bar Wrappers

Front & Back of the Candy Bar Wrappers

Complete Party Decorations

If you would like to have an Angry Birds party for your little one(s) or even an adult party, please visit or contact us at for pricing on the birthday banner and candy bar wrappers.